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Mountains at dusk


Welcome to Everything Japan, a site all about and everything to do with Japan.

Within these pages you will find blog posts on anything and everything to do with Japan, links to news, reviews, and information.

There are shopping pages too, with the latest items available from across the world made in Japan, licensed from Japan, or inspired by Japan.

This is obviously the first post of many, we intend to update this site as often as possible, if not every day, then every other day will see something interesting and boy does Japan have interesting things happen there all the darn time.

There are plenty of things to iron out on the site as it is new, so there may well be empty pages, or links that fail.  Please bare with us, we will sort it all out as much as any web site ever can be, eventually.  But you have to start at some time, waiting to be perfect might have meant never starting this site in the first place

So hopefully you will stick with us and enjoy the interesting and crazy world of Japan with us.








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